Water and Forests: 2016 International Day of Forests

By Nicole Czorny

March 21 marks the UN’s International Day of Forests, and this year’s theme of forests and water raises awareness of how forests are key to the planet’s supply of freshwater.Read More »


Coyotes in the Don Valley

By Ashlee McMillan

In recent years Torontonians have reported more and more uncomfortably close encounters with the coyotes of the Don Valley. And these stories keep circulating.

In the wee hours of dawn coyotes have been spotted sunning themselves on the hilltops of Donalda Golf and Country Club. Residents close to Neville Park had the unfortunate fate of seeing their beloved small dogs carried off by hungry coyotes. But what has sparked this once reclusive and sparsely seen creature into bold and over zealous inner city roaming?

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