What We’re All About

We blog about our adventures in the Don Valley and encourage environmental and conservation efforts in Toronto through education and action.

What We Hope to Achieve

  • To introduce the beauty and nature of the Don Valley to others
  • Inspire individual conservation efforts
  • Help our readers explore the connection between nature, cities and people

Who We Are

Ashlee McMillan
Born and raised in Toronto, a University of Toronto graduate, and a nature lover. As she grew up she explored Toronto’s many different parks and ravines with her family and friends. She spent her post grad years at the Scarborough campus where she explored the hidden wonders of Colonel Danforth Park.

Nicole Czorny
Growing up near Toronto’s Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, Nicole fell in love with Toronto’s vast valleys and paths. Now the Communications Coordinator for Evergreen, she loves Toronto for it’s hidden treasures and adventures.