Take a Hike!

By Nicole Czorny

The City of Toronto’s new Self-Guided Walking Tours Database is up and running, with 27 walks around Toronto to discover.

We are really excited about the RiverSides: The Water in the City Walk tour, which follows a raindrops journey from the sky, to the Don River, and then Lake Ontario.

Toronto’s Woodbine Beach and Lake Ontario.

Adventurers will learn about Riverdale’s urban history, lost streams, storm sewer infrastructure, and its impacts on the Don River. The tour also serves to educate homeowners on individual source water protection and teaches them what they can do at home, to protect and help restore the Don River.

The database has downloadable maps and some tours even have a MP3 file that you can listen to on your walk, highlighting historical landmarks and interesting things to check out.

The walking tours would benefit from using social media to promote the walks and interact with walkers.  On Facebook, fans can post pictures from their walks, meet-up with other walkers and even host picture competitions.  Twitter can be used to give real-time updates on wildlife spotted on the walks. Fans could even post suggested walks that they have taken.

So next time your sitting around looking for something to do, get online and go for a walk!


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