Biking in Toronto

By Ashlee McMillan

Why not enjoy this weather by riding your bike? Toronto is considered to be “the city within a park” making it an excellent place for cycling.

The benefits of biking are:

  • Steady cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour
  • Biking for 30 minutes every day burns 11 pounds of fat in a year
  • Like all regular exercise biking can contribute to reducing stress and depression and improve self esteem
  • Biking is economical
  • Commuting by bike will reduce pollution and traffic congestion

Toronto’s hidden treasure is a ravine system that holds an extensive network of bike trails. You should take advantage of Toronto’s expanding and enhanced bikeway network. The ravine system will create a cool canopy for your ride.

Plan your trip by using the cycling secrets of the don valley to successfully bike to your destination. You can also use Top Toronto Bike Paths. Biking is a lifetime skill but in case you need a refresher check out: Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling.

Happy cycling!


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