Brookbanks Park

By Ashlee McMillan

Bored? Want to get out and enjoy the weather? Brookbanks Park is a fabulous way for you and your family to get out and have a good time together. This trail is great because it is family friendly and also ideal for bikers and rollerbladers.

There are a number of different access points to this trail. The best one is located on Cassandra Blvd just past Aldeham Crescent heading southwest.

From the moment you get on the trail, you feel like you’ve entered a different world. The canopy of trees will engulf you and allow you to forget about the congested streets of Toronto.



2 thoughts on “Brookbanks Park

  1. I’m lucky enough to live along Cassandra Blvd, bordering the ravine. Right outside my back gate there is a natural pathway that leads down the slope of the valley. Basically no one is ever down there so it’s my own little paradise. Essentially a park unto myself and my family.

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