Life In the Forrest

By Nicole Czorny

Through the power of art, the International Children’s Painting Competition (ICPC) aims to involve children and young people in environmental issues.

This June, the fourth annual North American ICPC was unveiled at Evergreen Brick Works for World Environment Day. The collection of art brings amazing and dramatic insight into this years World Environment day theme, Life in the Forrest.

1,636 students from elementary and middle schools across the United States and Canada were invited to create original pieces of artwork. The results are dramatic with breathtaking pieces of artwork offering a thought-provoking look at forests and their impact on the survival and well being of people everywhere.

The event was hosted by astronauts Dr. Mae C. Jemison and Dr. Roberta Bondar and the winners from this years North American competition will go on to the international competition, with winners from five other global regions.

Organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Japan-based Foundation for Global Peace and the Environment, Bayer Corporation and Nikon, over 5.8 million children from 100 countries have participated in five regional competitions since 1990.

On Facebook, the Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense page highlight this years exhibit with photo albums of the awards ceremony  and each painting. By using social media, the North American ICPC is speaking the language of today’s generation, and spreading the message and intent behind the artwork.

To reach out to youth even further, the Making Science Make Sense program has a Twitter feed and a YouTube channel. Through social media, Bayer Corporation is insuring individuals are scientifically literate, and are encouraging scientific education and discovery.

The exhibit of 50-pictures will be on display at Evergreen Brick Works Young Welcome Centre, until August 31, 2011.  So next time you are at the Brick Works for the Saturday Farmers Market, or just to look around, check out the children’s art exhibit, you may even learn something!

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