The Buzz of Social Media

By Ashlee McMillan

Amongst the trees and wildlife found at the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area,  we spotted a peculiar looking beehive with what we thought had was a bar code on the side of it.  Of course, we had to take a closer look, and to our surprise, it was a QR code.

T.O Bee QR Code

After scanning it with the smartest of smart phones, we were led to the T.O. bee website page on Solitary Bee Nestboxes, which are man-made hives that provide artificial nesting space for female solitary, cavity-nesting bees.

T.O Bee is using QR codes to promote their Nestboxes and educate hikers in the valley.  This is a great example of the wide reach social media has and how social media is being used in all aspects of our daily lives, no matter where we are. On a nature walk, a QR code would be the last thing we thought we’d see.

In collaboration with York University, the T.O. Bee website is a compilation of ideas and research on bee diversity, conservation, pollination, and habitat designs. This is a great example of the influence our urban lifestyle has on the natural spaces in Toronto.

Toronto is divided between its expanding urban spaces and the natural beauty found in its parks and Don Valley. Spend an afternoon at the Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, and this will be evident.  Located  at Lawrence Ave East, right beside the DVP, Blue Heron can be spotted along the Don River, steps away from the busy DVP.

Want to learn more about wild bees in Toronto? Check out T.O bees’s website:


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