Facts of Squirrel

Brain size: Walnut
Hobbies + Interests: Digging and Shopping
Favourite Colour: Green and Chrome
Favourite Food: Nuts and Taco Bell
Pet Peeves: Loud ChewingRead More »


Toronto’s Most Urbanized River

By Nicole Czorny

At its headwaters, Taylor-Massey Creek collects sixteen hectares of stormwater from Highway 401, making it arguably Toronto’s most urbanized river, and an excellent example of the wear and tear cities have on a watercourse.

For the creeks entirety, storm sewers send an onslaught of untreated water directly into the creek, and during heavy rain, combined sewer outflows (CSO) send along sanitary waste.Read More »

Take the Plunge For World Water Day

By Nicole Czorny

Better water. Better jobs. This year’s theme for World Water Day is jobs and water, making the connection between healthy watersheds and healthy, thriving communities.

Playing a vital role in the health of our cities, watersheds perform many functions, from providing clean and accessible drinking water and locally grown food, to absorbing greenhouse gas emissions for cleaner air to breathe.Read More »